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This website is currently (almost) empty. For now, I mostly worked on the theme and on the articles posting structure. Now, I need to add content: pages about my projects and about me. I can already post articles, which I already did :-) See the list below.

Blog posts
I write stuff about things and things about stuff
2014-08-31 - I won the Ten.Java contest! -
A contest where you have to make a Bukkit plugin in 10 hours
2014-07-07 - NPlugins v0.6.6: ready for name changes -
Release of v0.6.6 of the NPlugins suite - Should support name change + more!
2014-04-22 - NPlugins v0.6.5: first step to UUIDs -
Release of v0.6.5 of the NPlugins suite - Minecraft name changing available soon!
2014-04-13 - What's a Bukkit plugin and what isn't? -
My 2 cts about how impure plugins break all the thingz
2014-03-30 - On the deprecation of getPlayer(String) -
An attempt to explain the recent deprecation of getPlayer(String) in the Bukkit API